Chennai Super Kings Unlisted Shares: Key Drivers for Future Growth

IPL Franchises Expect High Double-Digit Revenue Growth Despite Economic Challenges

  • Despite challenging economic conditions, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has kicked off with strong sponsorship support for this edition
  • IPL franchises are projecting a significant increase in revenue, in the high double-digit range, compared to the previous year
  • The projected increase in revenue is attributed to sponsorships and a share of the central pool
  • The IPL is expected to maintain its strong performance throughout the season, despite the challenging economic climate

Forbes’ IPL Team Valuations: A Look at the League’s Most Valuable Franchises

chennai super kings unlisted shares
Source: Forbes

IPL Franchises Anticipate Bigger Profits with Growing Central Pool Kitty!

  • The central pool, consisting of media broadcast rights fees and central sponsorships, is now valued
    at approximately ₹9,000-10,000 crore
  • Nearly 50% of the central pool will be divided among the IPL teams, which translates to ₹450-500
    crore per team
  • In addition to the central pool revenue, teams have also secured sponsorships worth an estimated
    ₹75-100 crore each
  • Therefore, each of the IPL franchises are projected to earn a total revenue of around ₹500-600
    crore this season
  • This marks a remarkable 80-100% increase in revenue compared to last year

Source: Hindu Business Line Article

Chennai Super Kings: A Brief Overview

  • Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is a professional cricket team based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, and is one of the founding members of the Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • The team is led by the former Indian cricket team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • CSK has a loyal and passionate fan base known as the “Yellow Army” due to the team’s iconic yellow jersey, and is one of the most followed IPL franchises across various social media platforms
  • CSK has won the IPL title four times, in 2010, 2011, 2018, & 2021

Chennai Super Kings Unlisted Shares: The Incredible Growth Story of a Meteoric Rise and Its Investment Potential

  • Chennai Super Kings unlisted shares are the only shares of an Indian Premier League (IPL) team that are available in the unlisted market
  • Chennai Super Kings unlisted shares debuted in the market at a price of Rs. 15, and subsequently surged to a record high of Rs. 225. Presently, the csk unlisted shares are trading in the range of Rs. 170-175 (as of April, 2023)
  • The rise of CSK unlisted shares has been nothing short of meteoric, with returns of over 1000% from 2019 to 2023. The team’s ability to consistently perform in the IPL has translated into impressive financial gains for its shareholders, making it a sought-after investment option in the current market

CSK Unlisted Share Price Chart: Tracking the Growth of Chennai Super Kings Unlisted Shares

Chennai Super Kings Revenue Projection: Anticipating Impressive Growth in the Upcoming Seasons

*Note- The figures for FY 2023-24 are estimated based on media reports and assumptions. These figures are subject to
change and may not reflect the actual financial performance of the company

From Seasonal to Evergreen: CSK’s Formula for
Sustainable Business Growth

  • Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is more than just an IPL team – it’s a global cricket powerhouse!
  • Not content with dominating the Indian cricket scene, CSK has recently ventured into the South Africa T20 (SA20) league with its Johannesburg-based franchise named Joburg Super Kings
  • The CEO of CSK, Mr. Kasi Viswanathan, has stated that the team plans to be the world’s leading T20 franchise by 2030
  • To reach this ambitious target, CSK is planning to invest a whopping Rs. 150-200 crores in building a High-Performance Centre at Navalur – a move that’s sure to boost the team’s training and development capabilities to new heights
  • And that’s not all – CSK is also planning to open Super Kings Coaching Academies across the country and even abroad

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