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Why Unlisted Arena?

Welcome to UnlistedArena.com!

UnlistedArena.com is a platform founded by Mr. Abhay Doshi & Mr. Manan Doshi for facilitating the investors to invest in Pre-IPO, Unlisted, Delisted, Unquoted & Rare Shares which are not/rarely traded on stock exchanges. We are one of the leading dealers engaged in buying/selling of unlisted shares in the industry. We have far-reaching presence of clients in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata and across the country. We also facilitate NRI clients worldwide.

Why Pre-IPO Shares?

Invest Ahead
Invest early before IPO is launched and unlock full value by investing in growth stage
No Maximum Cap

Unlike IPO application, there is no limit on upper side. One can invest according to individual capacity

Less Volatality

Unlike listed equity, Pre-IPO & Unlisted equity is less volatile, suitable for long-term investors

Shares in Demat form

Like listed equites, unlisted equites are also stored in demat. easy, safe & transparent means of storage

We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest – Warren Buffett

Our Vision

In India, the culture of equity investments is growing and has a great potential. We have an intent to provide investors, an opportunity which is rarely available excepting large fund houses and PE investors. We found that the investors either didn’t knew of such opportunities or could not find a legitimate and trustworthy source to capture such opportunities. Our Vision is to offer investors a rare chance to invest in such unlisted companies.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable investors in exploring opportunities in Pre-IPO, Unlisted and Rarely traded shares which usually is available to HNIs & Large Private equity firms only. We believe in establishing an ethical benchmark by providing transparent and trustworthy services. We also aspire to enlighten investors on concepts of IPOs, Pre-IPO, Unlisted shares, Buybacks and much more.

Our Expertise

Unlisted Arena is a perfect destination for the investors community to explore the  world of Pre-IPO & Unlisted Shares. We enable smooth and hassle-free investments in Unlisted Shares.

  • Safe & Secure Dealings

  • Fast & Hassle Free Transactions

  • Attractive Pricing

  • In-Depth Knowledge

Work Process

a simple process – easier than you think 🙂

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