PAN & ISIN of Unlisted Shares

Get PAN and ISIN details of actively traded unlisted shares at one place.

Investors may require information about PAN and ISIN of Unlisted Shares for:

  • PAN Details of Unlisted Shares which maybe required by the investors for income-tax return filing purposes.
  • ISIN Code of Unlisted Shares to identify as well as transfer unlisted shares from one demat account to another demat account.
Adtech Systems Limited SharesAAACA5355KINE257C01014Buy Now
API Holdings Limited (Pharmeasy) Unlisted SharesAASCA1201EINE0DJ201029Buy Now
Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Limited Unlisted SharesAACCK8280BINE272I01010Buy Now
Arohan Financial Services Limited Unlisted SharesAAECA6121DINE808K01017Buy Now
Assam Carbon Products Limited Unlisted SharesAACCA4236DINE496C01018Buy Now
Bharat Hotels Limited Unlisted SharesAAACB1298EINE466A01015Buy Now
Bikaji Foods International Unlisted SharesAAICS1030PINE00E101023Buy Now
B9 Beverages Limited Unlisted SharesAAECD6739QINE833U01014Buy Now
Capgemini Technology Services India Limited Unlisted SharesAABCM4573EINE177B01032Buy Now
Capital Small Finance Bank Limited Unlisted SharesAABCC3632QINE646H01017Buy Now
Care Health Insurance Company Limited Unlisted SharesAADCR6281NINE119J01011Buy Now
Carrier Airconditioning & Refrigeration Limited SharesAAACC8414BINE040I01011Buy Now
Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited- CSK Unlisted SharesAAFCC8730KINE852S01026Buy Now
Cochin International Airport - CIAL Unlisted SharesAAACC9658BINE02KH01019Buy Now
Delhivery Limited Unlisted SharesAAPCS9575EINE148O01028Buy Now
Eastern Investments Unlisted SharesAABCE0830EINE684E01015Buy Now
Elcid Investments Unlisted SharesAAACE1611QINE927X01018Buy Now
Elofic Industries Unlisted SharesAAACE0425CINE02YY01015Buy Now
ESDS Software Solution Limited Unlisted SharesAABCE4981AINE0DRI01029Buy Now
ESL Steel Limited SharesAABCE6875HINE481K01021Buy Now
Fabindia Limited Unlisted SharesAAACF0782HINE768M01027Buy Now
Fino Paytech Limited Unlisted SharesAAACF9869MINE511I01011Buy Now
Five Star Business Finance Limited Unlisted SharesAAACF0419MINE128S01021Buy Now
Goodluck Defence & Aerospace Limited Unlisted SharesINE0S7401019Buy Now
HDB Financial Services Limited Unlisted SharesAABCH8761MINE756I01012Buy Now
HDFC Securities Limited Unlisted SharesAAACH8215RINE700G01014Buy Now
Hella India Lighting Limited Unlisted SharesAAACJ0101GINE431D01013Buy Now
Hero Fincorp Limited Unlisted SharesAAACH0157JINE957N01016Buy Now
ICL Fincorp Limited Unlisted SharesAAACJ1806CINE01CY01013Buy Now
Imagine Marketing Limited- BoAt Unlisted SharesAADCI3821MINE03AV01027Buy Now
Indian Commodity Exchange Limited (ICEX) Unlisted SharesAABCI9479DINE678L01012Buy Now
Indian Potash Limited Unlisted SharesAAACI0888HINE863S01015Buy Now
Indofil Industries Limited Unlisted SharesAABCI4568DINE071I01016Buy Now
Kannur International Airport - KIAL Unlisted SharesAADCK8494NINE02Y401013Buy Now
Kurlon Enterprise Limited Unlisted SharesAABCK2150KINE781F01032Buy Now
Lava International Limited Unlisted SharesAABCL5987HINE745X01022Buy Now
Le Travenues Technology Limited (Ixigo) Unlisted SharesAABCL1932GINE0HV901016Buy Now
Maxvalue Credits and Investments Limited Unlisted SharesAAACT8550DINE040401023Buy Now
Merino Industries Limited Unlisted SharesAAACC9186CINE662B01017Buy Now
Metropolitan Stock Exchange Of India Limited(MSEI) Unlisted SharesAAFCM6942FINE312K01010Buy Now
Mobikwik (One Mobikwik Systems Limited) Unlisted SharesAABCO0442QINE0HLU01028Buy Now
Mohan Meakin Limited Unlisted SharesAAACM4465EINE136D01018Buy Now
Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited Unlisted SharesAAMCA0234HINE658R01011Buy Now
Nayara Energy Limited Unlisted SharesAAACE0890PINE011A01019Buy Now
National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) Unlisted SharesAAACN1797LINE721I01024Buy Now
NCL Buildtek Limited Unlisted SharesAACCA9318GINE243S01010Buy Now
Oravel Stays Limited - OYO Unlisted SharesAABCO6063DINE561T01021Buy Now
Orbis Financial Corporation Limited Unlisted SharesAAACF9386PINE155K01013Buy Now
Philips India Unlisted SharesAABCP9487AINE466A01015Buy Now
Polymatech Electronics Limited Unlisted SharesAAECP2981QINE0OLN01011Buy Now
Reliance Retail Limited Unlisted SharesAABCR1718EINE742O01010Buy Now
Ring Plus Aqua Limited Unlisted Shares (Only in NSDL Demat)AABCR3220MINE093H01012Buy Now
RRP S4E Innovation Private Limited Unlisted SharesAAICR7373JINE09FT01019Buy Now
SBI Funds Management Unlisted SharesAAACS7339DINE640G01020Buy Now
Signify Innovations India Unlisted SharesAAICP0987GINE045U01015Buy Now
Sterlite Power Transmission Limited Unlisted SharesAAVCS7209PINE110V01015Buy Now
Studds Accessories Limited Unlisted SharesAACCS4217QINE00Q601028Buy Now
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited Unlisted SharesAAACT5558KINE668A01016Buy Now
Tata Capital Limited Unlisted SharesAADCP9147PINE976I01016Buy Now
Tata Technologies Limited Unlisted SharesAAACT3092NINE142M01025Buy Now
Utkarsh Coreinvest Limited Unlisted Shares
Vikram Solar Limited Unlisted SharesAABCI5168DINE078V01014Buy Now
Waaree Energies Unlisted SharesAAACA4043JINE377N01017Buy Now

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