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 Fabindia Unlisted Shares Details

NameFabindia Limited Unlisted Shares
Security TypePre-IPO/Unlisted Equity Shares
Face Value₹ 1
ISIN CodeINE768M01027
Available in DepositoryCDSL & NSDL
Fabindia Unlisted Share PriceCurrently unavailable
Lot Size50 Shares
Minimum Investment₹ 50,000
All Time Highn/a
All Time Lown/a
Highlights- Fabindia Limited is India's largest private platform for authentic products made using traditional techniques and hand-based processes.
- Fabindia bridges over 55,000 craft-based rural producers with urban markets, creating a vital link between traditional artisans and modern consumers.
*Rates and lot size mentioned above for Fabindia Unlisted Shares are indicative and subject-to change. Kindly check the latest rates of Fabindia Unlisted Shares with us.

 About Company:

Fabindia is a consumer lifestyle platform with a rich 62-year heritage, dedicated to providing authentic, sustainable, and traditional Indian lifestyle products. Fabindia’s two well-recognized brands, ‘Fabindia’ and ‘Organic India,’ embody the core principles of “Celebrating India” and “Healthy Conscious Living” respectively.

Fabindia offers a diverse range of lifestyle products spanning Apparel and Accessories, Home and Lifestyle, Personal Care, and Organic Food categories. Fabindia delivers an omnichannel experience through its extensive network, including 309 Fabindia stores and Experience Centers, 74 Organic India stores, and various retail touchpoints for Organic India such as general trade stores, modern trade stores, and chemists. In addition to its physical presence.

Fabindia also operates online platforms such as www.fabindia.com, www.organicindia.com, the ‘Fabindia’ mobile application, and third-party marketplaces.

At the heart of Fabindia’s business model is a commitment to sustainability, achieved through purposeful design and a unique supply-side community. Fabindia engages a network of artisans and farmers across India by collaborating with contract manufacturers who, in turn, work closely with these talented artisans and farmers.

Fabindia is focused on offering quality products to customers while providing sustainable jobs and livelihoods to farmers, and through Contract Manufacturers to artisans (including weavers and craftsmen).

For Fabindia products, Fabindia engages Contract Manufacturers (who in turn engage artisans). Fabindia’s suppliers for Organic India products include farmers that Fabindia engages directly as well as through associates.

Fabindia considers the interests of the artisans (that are engaged with through Contract Manufacturers) and farmers as integral to the business model. Fabindia endeavors to offer natural, ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly products while blending indigenous craft techniques with contemporary designs.

Fabindia relies on a purpose-driven approach, curated product portfolio, and engagement with the supplier, Contract Manufacturer, and customer communities to differentiate the brand and products.

Fabindia Business Verticals:

Apparel and accessories: Fabindia offers a diverse range of apparel and accessories, consisting of ethnic and western womenswear, menswear, and kids wear, as well as ethnic and western footwear. Fabindia’s portfolio also includes handcrafted apparel and accessories such as bags, jewelry, stoles, shawls, and wraps. Fabindia caters to both daily and occasion wear, ensuring that customers find the perfect items for their wardrobe needs. Fabindia aims to blend indigenous craft techniques with contemporary designs, resulting in unique and stylish products. Fabindia is focused on supporting cluster-based indigenous provisioning for all apparel and accessories, reflecting our commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship.
Fabindia Unlisted Shares

Home and lifestyle: Fabindia’s Home and Lifestyle category features furniture, soft home furnishings, home décor, giftware, and an interior design studio. The interior design studio, positioned to leverage hand-crafted curated designs in the home solutions space in India with an emphasis on the use of natural fibers, is part of Fabindia’s offerings. The product portfolio in this business vertical spans from utility items to niche décor, providing customers with a diverse range of options to enhance their homes with quality and style.
Fabindia Unlisted Shares

Personal care: Fabindia’s Personal Care category comprises skin care, hair care, and fragrances with naturally inspired ingredients. Fabindia operates in this vertical both directly and through its subsidiaries, including Biome Life Sciences India Private Limited, in which Fabindia holds a 50.01% stake, as of the date of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus. Fabindia is dedicated to offering a range of personal care products that harness the power of nature to nourish and enhance the well-being of individuals.

Organic Food: Fabindia’s Organic Food category encompasses a wide range of products, including infusions, teas, staples, healthy snacks, detox kits, preserves, agri-products, Ayurvedic supplements, and personal care items. Fabindia operates in this vertical through its subsidiary, Organic India Private Limited (“Organic India”), in which Fabindia holds a 63.79% stake, as of the date of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus. Through Organic India, Fabindia has introduced the Tulsi leaf (Holy Basil) in various products and spearheaded the indigenized organic cultivation of various herbs, flowers, seeds, and grains such as quinoa, chamomile, and chia in India. Prior to these initiatives, these products were primarily imported into India. Fabindia is committed to providing organic and sustainable food options that promote wellness and environmental consciousness.
Fabindia Unlisted Shares

Source of Data and Images: Fabindia Limited DRHP

Fabindia – process from obtainment to distribution of the final product
Fabindia Unlisted Shares

Fabindia –  Revenues from product verticals
Fabindia Unlisted Shares
Source – Fabindia DRHP

 Fabindia Financials

Financial in Millions unless specifically mentioned
Revenue from operations10,596.4315,080.4714,743.07
Other income277.70163.7371.87
Total Income10,874.1315,244.2014,814.94
Cost of materials consumed1,821.723,159.892,917.45
Cost of contract manufactured goods1,352.632,987.152,935.49
Decrease/ (increase) in inventories of finished goods and stock-in-trade(628.34(453.34)(402.25)
Employee benefits expense1,963.152,330.872,119.74
Finance costs733.08629.55467.14
Depreciation and amortization expense2,022.091,864.101,580.64
Impairment losses18.82--
Other expenses3,807.254,332.483,671.52
Total Expenses12,347.0814,850.7013,289.73
(Loss)/ profit from continuing operations before exceptional items and tax(1,471.00)393.911,528.29
Total comprehensive (loss)/ income for the period/year(1,141.63)311.49823.35
EPS (In INR)(7.45)2.885.77

 Fabindia Unlisted Shares Price Chart

*Rates mentioned in the chart are indicative.

 Fabindia Unlisted Shares Trend


Trend Identifier

Extremely Bullish
Extremely Bearish

The trend indicator above has been derived from the current demand/supply of Fabindia Unlisted Shares. The trend has a tendency to change anytime depending on the market conditions and other events. This indicator must not be construed as any recommendation to buy/sell/hold.

 Fabindia Unlisted Shares – Valuation (Market Capitalisation)

Total Number of Outstanding Shares: 147,779,475 (As per Fabindia DRHP)

Market Cap Scenarios:

At 500 Rs/Share, Fabindia Unlisted Shares values the company at approx. Rs. 7,388 crores.

This are just pre-defined scenarios, since the market cap is variable to price, you can calculate the latest market cap based on the ongoing rates of Fabindia unlisted shares.

At 1000 Rs/Share, Fabindia Unlisted Shares values the company at approx. Rs. 14,777 crores.

This are just pre-defined scenarios, since the market cap is variable to price, you can calculate the latest market cap based on the ongoing rates of Fabindia unlisted shares.

At 1500 Rs/Share, Fabindia Unlisted Shares values the company at approx. Rs. 22,166 crores.

This are just pre-defined scenarios, since the market cap is variable to price, you can calculate the latest market cap based on the ongoing rates of Fabindia unlisted shares.

 Fabindia Shareholding

Source: Fabindia IPO DRHP

 Fabindia Peers

Below are the comparable peers with business models that are nearly identical to Fabindia Unlisted Shares. The peers mentioned have a similar line of business and may not be comparable on an apple-to-apple basis.
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 Fabindia Corporate Actions


No information found for Fabindia Dividend


No information found for Fabindia Right Issue


No information found for Fabindia Shares Buyback


No information found for Fabindia Share Split

 Fabindia Annual Reports

 Fabindia News

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 FAQ for Fabindia Unlisted Shares

How to buy Fabindia Unlisted Shares?

Process of Buying Fabindia Unlisted Shares

  • Get connected with us and inquire for the Fabindia Unlisted Shares
  • We will quote the current prevailing market rates of the Fabindia Unlisted Shares (Subject to availability)
  • If you agree on the rate and quantity, we will send our bank details. (Please note, we accept payment only through bank)
  • Buyer transfers the fund in our bank account and buyer also need to send their demat details (for initiating share transfer process)
  • Post receiving funds and demat details, we initiate transfer of Fabindia unlisted shares. The shares usually gets transferred on same/next working day in your demat account

For detailed buying process, refer here

What is the minimum lot size for buying Fabindia Unlisted Shares?

The minimum lot size for investing in Fabindia Unlisted Shares is 50-100 Shares

What is the lock-in period for Fabindia Unlisted Shares?

The Lock-in period for Fabindia Unlisted Shares will be Six Months. The Lock-in period starts from the date of IPO allotment. (According to DRHP)

What happens after the lock-in period gets completed?

As per the SEBI guidelines, lock-in period for Pre IPO shares is six months. The lock-in period starts from the date of allotment of IPO. During the lock-in period, the shares remain in your account but are marked as locked. After six months, the shares automatically gets unlocked and one can sell it normally on stock exchanges like any other listed shares

Is buying Fabindia Unlisted Shares Legal?

Yes, buying Fabindia Unlisted Shares is completely legal

How to check price of Fabindia Unlisted Shares?

You can regularly check the updated price of Fabindia Unlisted Shares at our Website and on our Telegram Channel

When can we expect IPO of Fabindia Limited?

The company had recently scraped its IPO plan citing market conditions as per media reports. The company may bring IPO in medium to long term

Where to buy Fabindia Unlisted Shares?

At Unlisted Arena, you can buy Fabindia Unlisted Shares and many such Pre IPO Shares easily at most reasonable rates with a hassle-free process. Unlisted Arena is India’s leading dealer in Unlisted & Pre IPO Shares

How to sell Fabindia Unlisted Shares?

You can sell Fabindia Unlisted Shares:

Before IPO: You can sell Fabindia Unlisted Shares before IPO too. You need to have a buyer for this shares. We can also help you to liquidate your holdings of unlisted shares.

After IPO: Once the lock-in period is complete, you can sell the shares on stock exchanges(NSE/BSE) just like any other listed shares.

How to transfer Fabindia Unlisted Shares?

There are two methods to transfer Fabindia Unlisted Shares
Method 1 – Offline Transfer

In this method, you must have a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) book which is provided by your broker. All the demat broking companies have its own DIS book. Along with DIS, there is an annexure which is to be submitted by the seller. Annexure too is provided by the demat broking company. After filing DIS and annexure, duly signed by the seller, they are to be handed over to your respective broker. Post that, your broker will process the request and transfer the shares as per details provided

Method 2 – Online Transfer

One can also transfer shares online through E-DIS/Off Market share transfer. The client must check with their respective brokers if they provide such facility. One can also transfer shares through CDSL easiest (for CDSL Demat) and NSDL Speed-E (For NSDL Demat) after registering into it.

Are Fabindia Unlisted Shares in demat form?

Yes, Fabindia Unlisted Shares are in demat form just like listed shares. You can buy and store them in your demat account. Like listed shares, Unlisted Shares also have their ISIN code so that you can verify the authenticity of shares.

Where will be Fabindia Unlisted Shares/Pre IPO shares be reflected?

Once the process is complete, Fabindia Unlisted Shares will reflect in your demat account. The shares usually gets reflected in your Depository holdings (DP Holdings). You can check it in your stock brokers app/website. The shares are also shown on your DP transactions and holding statement.

You can also check your holdings in the following:

If you have CDSL Demat Account – CDSL Myeasi app

If you have NSDL Demat Account – NSDL Speed-E

Many investors do ask ‘How to buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares in Zerodha, Angel One, Upstox, etc?’
You can buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares in any demat account with any broking company

How much time will it take to get Fabindia Unlisted Shares credited in my demat account?

When it comes to delivery of unlisted shares- Be assured as Unlisted Arena is the fastest in delivering shares. Once the process is completed, we usually deliver the shares on same day or the next working day. i.e T day or (T+1) working day.

How much STCG tax is applicable on Fabindia Unlisted Shares/Pre IPO Shares?

Short Term Capital Gains Tax: If unlisted shares are sold in 24 months or less, gains from such sale are taxed at the slab rate.

How much LTCG tax is applicable on Fabindia Unlisted Shares/Pre IPO Shares?

Long Term Capital Gains Tax: If unlisted shares are sold after holding for more than 24 months, gains on such sale will be taxed at 20% after indexation.

What will be the tax applicability if Fabindia Unlisted Shares gets listed?

Tax on Capital Gains on Unlisted Shares that are sold after getting listed: The tax rates will be the same as that on purchase and sale of listed shares.
That is, the long-term gains (shares sold after holding for more than one year) will be taxed at 10% after a threshold of ₹ 1 lakh per financial year.
Short-term gains (gains on selling shares in one year or less) will be taxed at 15%

Where can I find Fabindia Unlisted Shares price graph?

You can check the historical price trend by checking Fabindia Unlisted Shares price graph here PharmEasy Unlisted Shares price chart will help you get an idea about price-action. You can also check the current trend of PharmEasy Unlisted Shares here

How to check valuations of Fabindia Pre IPO Shares?

For listed shares, there are numerous applications and website which shows the market capitalization of shares. But no need to worry, we have included market capitalization scenarios on our website which shows market cap/valuations of the company based on prevailing Unlisted Shares rates. In addition, we have also mentioned total number of shares so that you can easily calculate current market cap quickly without putting much efforts. Click here to see the valuations of Fabindia Pre IPO shares
Quick tip: Market Cap= Total Outstanding shares x Price per share

How to check latest news and developments related to Fabindia Unlisted Shares?

You can easily check latest developments, news related to Fabindia Unlisted Shares on our website without any sign up or login. Click here to know about latest news and happenings

Why trust Unlisted Arena for buying Unlisted Shares and Pre IPO Shares?

Unlisted Arena is a prominent name which facilitates Unlisted Shares & Pre IPO Shares safely and securely. All the transactions are done through bank accounts where no third parties are involved. Unlisted Arena always quotes transparent rates and is also known for its fastest delivery of Unlisted Shares and Pre IPO Shares. Unlisted Arena gets featured regularly in India’s top most financial publications. You can check media coverage of Unlisted Arena here

Is Fabindia a Pre IPO, Unlisted or Delisted share?

Fabindia is a Pre IPO company. Fabindia had IPO plans earlier and they also filed DRHP with SEBI. However the company scraped its IPO plans citing market conditions as per media reports

Can NRIs buy Fabindia Unlisted Shares?

Yes, NRIs can also buy and sell Fabindia Unlisted Shares just like domestic investors. But their investment is on a non-repatriable basis

How is market price of Fabindia Unlisted Shares determined?

Like any listed shares, Unlisted Shares price is also determined by demand-supply of Unlisted Shares. Higher the demand, higher the price and vice-versa. The rates of Unlisted Shares are also derived from its performance, corporate actions such as declaration of results, bonus, dividend, etc. Another important aspect is share price/valuation of its listed peer. If the listed business is identical, unlisted companies share price/valuation will too be in similar fashion

What are the brokerage/charges for buying/selling Unlisted Shares/Pre IPO Shares?

At Unlisted Arena, we charge Zero Brokerage/Charges. The rates quoted by us are- net rates, i.e., you do not need to pay any brokerage or charges

How to buy Fabindia Unlisted Shares in Zerodha/Angel broking/HDFC Securities/Upstox/ICICI Securities or any other demat account?

One can buy Fabindia Unlisted Shares in any demat account – no matter with which broker you have a demat account. There is no need for separate/special demat account for buying Unlisted Shares.

From where does Unlisted Arena source Fabindia Unlisted Shares?

Unlisted Arena sources Fabindia Unlisted Shares from existing investors looking to liquidate their investment

Will I get dividend, bonus on Unlisted Shares?

Yes, you are eligible to get dividend, bonus and/or any other corporate actions declared by the company. You need to hold the Unlisted Shares in your demat account on the record date declared by the company to be eligible for such corporate actions

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