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 PharmEasy Unlisted Shares Details

NameAPI Holdings Limited Unlisted Shares
Alias NamePharmEasy Unlisted Shares
SectorOnline Pharmacy Platform
Security TypePre-IPO/Unlisted Equity Shares
Face Value₹ 1
ISIN CodeINE0DJ201029
Available in DepositoryCDSL & NSDL
Pharmeasy Unlisted Share Price₹ 10 Per Equity Share
Lot Size1000 Shares
Minimum Investment₹ 12000-15000
All Time High ₹ 135
All Time Low₹ 9
Highlights- India's Largest Digital Healthcare Platform
- 25 mn+ registered users
*Rates and lot size mentioned above for Pharmeasy Unlisted Shares are indicative and subject-to change. Kindly check the latest rates of Pharmeasy Unlisted Shares with us.

 About Company:

API Holdings (owner of PharmEasy) is India’s largest digital healthcare platform (based on GMV of products and services sold for the year ended March 31, 2021), according to RedSeer Report. API Holdings operate as an integrated, end-to-end business that aims to provide solutions for healthcare needs of consumers across the following critical stages
A. providing digital tools and information on illness and wellness,
B. offering teleconsultation,
C. offering diagnostics and radiology tests, and
D. delivering treatment protocols including products and devices.

API Holdings has custom-built proprietary technology, unified data platforms, supply chain capabilities, and deep understanding of the dynamic interplay between the various sub-segments of India’s healthcare market are the capabilities that differentiate them.

These capabilities enable them to provide each stakeholder in the healthcare value-chain, viz.:
(a) channel (wholesalers, retailers and chemists / institutions),
(b) consultants (and hospitals), diagnostic and radiology labs,
(c) consumers, and
(d) companies (pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical devices)
with the technology tools and capabilities to solve their challenges, while also enabling them to benefit from an interconnected network. At the same time, they also enable them to build a scaled presence, allowing their platform to reach a wide base of stakeholders across the length and breadth of this country. Their businesses have a presence across the country, with last-mile 163 capabilities to deliver in over 18,587 pin codes (for June 2021) via PharmEasy marketplace, allowing them the ability to provide access in an affordable manner to the common man. Their platforms have scaled across urban, semi-urban and rural India, with an ability to serve people across income groups and geographies.

pharmeasy unlisted sharesSource: PharmEasy IPO DRHP
pharmeasy unlisted sharesSource: PharmEasy IPO DRHP
pharmeasy unlisted shares pharmeasy unlisted sharesSource: PharmEasy IPO DRHP

PharmEasy is a consumer healthcare “super app”.
PharmEasy is a consumer healthcare “super app” that provides consumers with on-demand, home delivered access to a wide range of prescription, OTC pharmaceutical, other consumer healthcare products, comprehensive diagnostic test services, and teleconsultations thereby serving their healthcare needs.
25 Million+Total Users
8.8 million+Total Orders
2.4 million+Transacting Customers

Order Medicines
Healthcare Products
Diagnostic Tests

pharmeasy unlisted sharesSource: PharmEasy IPO DRHP

API Holdings: Business & Brands:

pharmeasy unlisted shares. business and brands under api holdings

  • Aknamed: Tech-enabled Hospital Supplies Procurement
  • Docon: EMR and Practice Management Software for Clinics & Doctors
  • Pharmeasy: India’s Largest Online Pharmacy Marketplace
  • Retailio: One of India’s Largest Pharma Platform connecting Pharmacies with Wholesalers
  • Thyrocare: India’s Largest Diagnostics Test Provider by Volumes

API Holdings – PharmEasy Rights Issue Details:

API Holdings – PharmEasy Rights Issue (2023):

As per multiple media reports API Holdings (PharmEasy) is planning a rights issue which could open soon.

API Holdings Right Issue of CCPS (2022):

Key Parameters of PharmEasy Rights Issue indicated by the company:

  • Type of Instrument: Compulsory Convertible Preference Shares (CCPS)
  • Issue Price: Expected to be around ₹100 per CCPS
  • Estimated Timeline: The rights issue will be opened for a period of 30 days, starting from on or around the first week of September

Know more about API Holdings (PharmEasy) Rights Issue in detail by reading our blog post here.

 API Holdings – PharmEasy Financials

Financial in Millions unless specifically mentioned
Revenue from operations57,288.2123,352.696,675.42
Other income521.81253.93699.06
Total income57,810.0223,606.627,374.48
Cost of materials consumed854.60--
Purchase of stock-in-trade52,566.12 22,668.176,991.24
Changes in inventories of stock-in-trade(2,290.53)(1,143.95)(582.38)
Employee benefits expense 14,589.712,702.941,371.90
Finance costs2,582.64434.31118.86
Depreciation and amortisation expense1,587.85329.01187.71
Other expenses15,025.514,818.802,756.71
Total expenses84,915.9029,809.2810,844.04
Loss before tax(39,707.70) (6,202.66)(3,469.56)
Loss after tax(39,924.96)(6,413.36)(3,352.79)
EPS (In INR)(7.28)(2.67)(1.29)

 PharmEasy Unlisted Shares Price Chart

*Rates mentioned in the chart are indicative.

 PharmEasy Unlisted Shares Trend


Trend Identifier

Extremely Bullish
Extremely Bearish

The trend indicator above has been derived from the current demand/supply of PharmEasy Unlisted Shares. The trend has a tendency to change anytime depending on the market conditions and other events. This indicator must not be construed as any recommendation to buy/sell/hold.

 PharmEasy Unlisted Shares – Valuation (Market Capitalisation)

Total Number of Outstanding Shares: 6,142,041,070

Market Cap Scenarios:

At 10 Rs/Share, PharmEasy Unlisted Shares values the company at approx. Rs. 6,142 crores.

This are just pre-defined scenarios, since the market cap is variable to price, you can calculate the latest market cap based on the ongoing rates of pharmeasy unlisted shares.

At 15 Rs/Share, PharmEasy Unlisted Shares values the company at approx. Rs. 9,213 crores.

This are just pre-defined scenarios, since the market cap is variable to price, you can calculate the latest market cap based on the ongoing rates of pharmeasy unlisted shares.

At 20 Rs/Share, PharmEasy Unlisted Shares values the company at approx. Rs. 12,284 crores.

This are just pre-defined scenarios, since the market cap is variable to price, you can calculate the latest market cap based on the ongoing rates of pharmeasy unlisted shares.

 API Holdings – Pharmeasy Key Shareholding

Source: PharmEasy IPO DRHP
Other Shareholders includes key shareholders & public

 API Holdings (Pharmeasy) Peers

Below are the comparable peers with business models that are nearly identical to API Holdings (Pharmeasy).
The peers mentioned have a similar line of business and may not be comparable on an apple-to-apple basis.
Name Listing Status
Tata 1mgUnlisted
Apollo Hospitals (Apollo Pharmacy)Listed

 API Holdings (PharmEasy) Corporate Actions


No information found for API Holdings (PharmEasy) Dividend


API Holdings (PharmEasy) Rights Issue

  • FY2022-23: API Holdings (PharmEasy) declared Rights issue @ Rs.100 per CCPS. Record date for Rights Issue was September 9,2022.


No information found for API Holdings (PharmEasy) Buyback


API Holdings (PharmEasy) shares face value split:

  • API Holdings (PharmEasy) approved the sub-division of shares from face value Rs.10 to Rs.1. the record date for the same was 29th October, 2021

 Unlisted Arena Review: API Holdings (PharmEasy) Unlisted Shares

  • API Holdings (PharmEasy) has remained amongst the most active unlisted shares right away after being introduced to the unlisted market. API Holdings (PharmEasy) Unlisted Share price has seen a huge drop in the past few months. The shares have corrected from Rs. 135 to Rs. 36 in less than a year.
  • API Holdings (PharmEasy) filed DRHP with SEBI for an IPO in November, 2021, but market conditions deteriorated amid the Russia-Ukraine war. Meanwhile, all the new age companies have faced the heat. API Holdings (PharmEasy) recently withdrew its IPO plan as it seems that such a market may not be favourable for getting desired valuations, which is also a major reason for the drop in share prices.
  • API Holdings (PharmEasy) has also proposed a rights issue of CCPS (Compulsorily Convertible Preference Shares)  at Rs. 100 per share
  • The revenue from operations of API Holdings (PharmEasy) was Rs. 57,288 million in FY. 2021–22 as against Rs. 23,352 million in FY. 2020–21. Total expenses mounted to Rs.84,915 million in FY.2021-22 against Rs.29,809 million in FY.2020-21. API Holdings (PharmEasy) reported a loss (after tax) of Rs. 39,942 million in FY.2021-22 against a Rs. 6413 million loss in FY.2020-21.
  • Usually, such companies spend a lot on promotional expenses to gain market share initially. Based on FY 2021-22 financial metrics, the company is valued at a price to sales ratio of around 3.84 times. Some other new-age listed platform businesses trade at 9 to 15 times their sales.
  • Nevertheless, debt remains to be a concern, but valuations too have eased off. If the company trims its losses going ahead and succeeds in getting investors at good valuations on board, we may witness the trend changing to the positive side.

Review date: September, 2022
Unlisted Shares Price at the time of review: Rs.36 per equity share.

Disclaimer: Please note that the above review is about the API Holdings (PharmEasy) Unlisted Shares trading in the unlisted space and not about the company itself. The views are purely personal and must not be construed as any recommendation/advice to buy/sell/hold. The figures and calculations are presented in good faith and we are not liable for any errors in the same. Kindly do your due diligence before investing.

 API Holdings – PharmEasy IPO DRHP

 API Holdings – PharmEasy News

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 FAQ for PharmEasy Unlisted Shares

How to buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?

Process of Buying PharmEasy Unlisted Shares

  • Get connected with us and inquire for the PharmEasy Unlisted Shares
  • We will quote the current prevailing market rates of the PharmEasy Unlisted Shares (Subject to availability)
  • If you agree on the rate and quantity, we will send our bank details. (Please note, we accept payment only through bank)
  • Buyer transfers the fund in our bank account and buyer also need to send their demat details (for initiating share transfer process)
  • Post receiving funds and demat details, we initiate transfer of PharmEasy unlisted shares. The shares usually gets transferred on same/next working day in your demat account

For detailed buying process, refer here

What is the minimum lot size for buying PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?

The minimum lot size for investing in PharmEasy Unlisted Shares is 500 Shares

What is the lock-in period for PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?

The Lock-in period for PharmEasy Unlisted Shares will be Six Months. The Lock-in period starts from the date of IPO allotment. (According to DRHP)

What happens after the lock-in period gets completed?

As per the SEBI guidelines, lock-in period for Pre IPO shares is six months. The lock-in period starts from the date of allotment of IPO. During the lock-in period, the shares remain in your account but are marked as locked. After six months, the shares automatically gets unlocked and one can sell it normally on stock exchanges like any other listed shares

Is buying PharmEasy Unlisted Shares Legal?

Yes, buying PharmEasy Unlisted Shares is completely legal

How to check price of PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?

You can regularly check the updated price of PharmEasy Unlisted Shares at our Website and on our Telegram Channel

When can we expect IPO of PharmEasy (API Holdings Limited)?

The IPO of PharmEasy (API Holdings Limited) can be expected in medium to long term.

Where to buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?

At Unlisted Arena, you can buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares and many such Pre IPO Shares easily at most reasonable rates with a hassle-free process. Unlisted Arena is India’s leading dealer in Unlisted & Pre IPO Shares

How to sell PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?

You can sell PharmEasy Unlisted Shares:

Before IPO: You can sell PharmEasy Unlisted Shares before IPO too. You need to have a buyer for this shares. We can also help you to liquidate your holdings of unlisted shares.

After IPO: Once the lock-in period is complete, you can sell the shares on stock exchanges(NSE/BSE) just like any other listed shares.

How to transfer PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?

There are two methods to transfer PharmEasy Unlisted Shares
Method 1 – Offline Transfer

In this method, you must have a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) book which is provided by your broker. All the demat broking companies have its own DIS book. Along with DIS, there is an annexure which is to be submitted by the seller. Annexure too is provided by the demat broking company. After filing DIS and annexure, duly signed by the seller, they are to be handed over to your respective broker. Post that, your broker will process the request and transfer the shares as per details provided

Method 2 – Online Transfer

One can also transfer shares online through E-DIS/Off Market share transfer. The client must check with their respective brokers if they provide such facility. One can also transfer shares through CDSL easiest (for CDSL Demat) and NSDL Speed-E (For NSDL Demat) after registering into it.

Are API Holdings Unlisted Shares in demat form?

Yes, API Holdings Unlisted Shares are in demat form just like listed shares. You can buy and store them in your demat account. Like listed shares, Unlisted Shares also have their ISIN code so that you can verify the authenticity of shares.

Where will be PharmEasy Unlisted Shares/Pre IPO shares be reflected?

Once the process is complete, PharmEasy Unlisted Shares will reflect in your demat account. The shares usually gets reflected in your Depository holdings (DP Holdings). You can check it in your stock brokers app/website. The shares are also shown on your DP transactions and holding statement.

You can also check your holdings in the following:

If you have CDSL Demat Account – CDSL Myeasi app

If you have NSDL Demat Account – NSDL Speed-E

Many investors do ask ‘How to buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares in Zerodha, Angel One, Upstox, etc?’
You can buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares in any demat account with any broking company

How much time will it take to get PharmEasy Unlisted Shares credited in my demat account?

When it comes to delivery of unlisted shares- Be assured as Unlisted Arena is the fastest in delivering shares. Once the process is completed, we usually deliver the shares on same day or the next working day. i.e T day or (T+1) working day.

How much STCG tax is applicable on PharmEasy Unlisted Shares/Pre IPO Shares?

Short Term Capital Gains Tax: If unlisted shares are sold in 24 months or less, gains from such sale are taxed at the slab rate.

How much LTCG tax is applicable on PharmEasy Unlisted Shares/Pre IPO Shares?

Long Term Capital Gains Tax: If unlisted shares are sold after holding for more than 24 months, gains on such sale will be taxed at 20% after indexation.

What will be the tax applicability if PharmEasy Unlisted Shares gets listed?

Tax on Capital Gains on Unlisted Shares that are sold after getting listed: The tax rates will be the same as that on purchase and sale of listed shares.
That is, the long-term gains (shares sold after holding for more than one year) will be taxed at 10% after a threshold of ₹ 1 lakh per financial year.
Short-term gains (gains on selling shares in one year or less) will be taxed at 15%

Where can I find PharmEasy Unlisted Shares price graph?

You can check the historical price trend by checking PharmEasy Unlisted Shares price graph here PharmEasy Unlisted Shares price chart will help you get an idea about price-action. You can also check the current trend of PharmEasy Unlisted Shares here

How to check valuations of PharmEasy Pre IPO Shares?

For listed shares, there are numerous applications and website which shows the market capitalization of shares. But no need to worry, we have included market capitalization scenarios on our website which shows market cap/valuations of the company based on prevailing Unlisted Shares rates. In addition, we have also mentioned total number of shares so that you can easily calculate current market cap quickly without putting much efforts. Click here to see the valuations of PharmEasy Pre IPO shares
Quick tip: Market Cap= Total Outstanding shares x Price per share

How to check latest news and developments related to PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?

You can easily check latest developments, news related to PharmEasy Unlisted Shares on our website without any sign up or login. Click here to know about latest news and happenings

Why trust Unlisted Arena for buying Unlisted Shares and Pre IPO Shares?

Unlisted Arena is a prominent name which facilitates Unlisted Shares & Pre IPO Shares safely and securely. All the transactions are done through bank accounts where no third parties are involved. Unlisted Arena always quotes transparent rates and is also known for its fastest delivery of Unlisted Shares and Pre IPO Shares. Unlisted Arena gets featured regularly in India’s top most financial publications. You can check media coverage of Unlisted Arena here

Is API Holdings a Pre IPO, Unlisted or Delisted share?

API Holdings is a Pre IPO company. API Holdings had plans to get its stock listed on exchanges. For that purpose, API Holdings had filed its IPO DRHP with SEBI

Can NRIs buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?

Yes, NRIs can also buy and sell PharmEasy Unlisted Shares just like domestic investors. But their investment is on a non-repatriable basis

How is market price of PharmEasy Unlisted Shares determined?

Like any listed shares, Unlisted Shares price is also determined by demand-supply of Unlisted Shares. Higher the demand, higher the price and vice-versa. The rates of Unlisted Shares are also derived from its performance, corporate actions such as declaration of results, bonus, dividend, etc. Another important aspect is share price/valuation of its listed peer. If the listed business is identical, unlisted companies share price/valuation will too be in similar fashion

What are the brokerage/charges for buying/selling Unlisted Shares/Pre IPO Shares?

At Unlisted Arena, we charge Zero Brokerage/Charges. The rates quoted by us are- net rates, i.e., you do not need to pay any brokerage or charges

How to buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares in Zerodha/Angel broking/HDFC Securities/Upstox/ICICI Securities or any other demat account?

One can buy PharmEasy Unlisted Shares in any demat account – no matter with which broker you have a demat account. There is no need for separate/special demat account for buying Unlisted Shares.

Are PharmEasy Unlisted Shares and API Holdings Unlisted Shares the same?

Yes, PharmEasy Unlisted Shares and API Holdings Unlisted Shares are indeed the same. API Holdings Limited is the company, while PharmEasy is the name of brand. The ISIN code for these shares is INE0DJ201029, with the ISIN description as “API HOLDINGS LIMITED EQ NEW FV RE. 1/-.”

From where does Unlisted Arena source API Holdings Unlisted Shares?

Unlisted Arena sources API Holdings Unlisted Shares from existing investors looking to liquidate their investment

Will I get dividend, bonus on Unlisted Shares?

Yes, you are eligible to get dividend, bonus and/or any other corporate actions declared by the company. You need to hold the Unlisted Shares in your demat account on the record date declared by the company to be eligible for such corporate actions

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