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 Adtech Systems Limited Shares Details

NameAdtech Systems Limited Shares
SectorElectronic Manufacturing Services
Security TypeListed (on Metropolitan Stock Exchange)
Face Value₹ 10
ISIN CodeINE257C01014
Available in DepositoryCDSL & NSDL
Adtech Systems Unlisted Share Price₹ 78 Per Equity Share
Lot Size500 Shares
Minimum Investment₹ 40000-50000
All Time High₹ 95
All Time Low₹ 33
Highlights- Established in 1992
- Provides solutions to various industries
*Rates and lot size mentioned above for Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares are indicative and subject-to change. Kindly check the latest rates of Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares with us.

 About Company:

Adtech Systems Limited is a public listed company focusing on two verticals, namely Integrated Electronic Security Systems and Non-Conventional Energy Solutions. Started in the year 1992, Adtech has its registered office at Chennai, India. Adtech Systems is listed on Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India- MSEI.

Adtech Systems provides solutions in below segments:-

  • Commercial and Industrial Security
  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Retail Security
  • Solar Energy

Commercial and Industrial Security:

A) American Dynamics:
American Dynamics develops some of the world’s most needed video technologies. Technologies that help retailers thwart organized crime to protect their bottom line, and universities provide peace of mind to parents of incoming students. Technologies that help governments secure ports and borders, and hospitals ensure the safety and privacy of their patients. Technologies that move beyond security to become essential business-enabling tools.

adtech systems unlisted shares

B) Milesight:
Milesight is a professional high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of best-in-class IP surveillance solutions with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market.

Milesight’s core competence lies in its strong R&D capability. Based on solid knowledge and years of experience, Milesight is able to introduce innovative products and satisfy customers’ needs with customized solutions.

adtech systems unlisted shares

C) Mobotix:
MOBOTIX have been developing and producing intelligent IP video systems known for their high level of security, uncompromising reliability and premium “made in Germany” quality since 2000. They have set standards with developments such as the first hemispheric IP video camera and the first IP video Door Station. One of their innovations, though, is particularly crucial in their increasingly networked world: the decentralized intelligence in their camera system.

adtech systems unlisted shares

D) Software House:
When it comes to critical security issues; government enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations turn to Software House and its security and event management technologies for a reliable solution in their day to day operations.

Software House has reached technological excellence and built a solid reputation in the security industry as an innovator of security and event management technologies. These solutions are put to the test every day at nearly 10,000 sites worldwide.There is no other security solution that put you firmly in control of streamlined business operations. Software House solutions include:

  • Innovative C•CURE 9000 security
  • Event management system
  • C•CURE 800/8000 access control solution
  • Wide-range of complementary hardware products

Smart Home Solutions:

A) iHome:
Global View iHome  by one of India’s premier home automation companies — takes the complexity out of home automation, making the transition to a smart home easy. It uses G1 Z-Wave Gateway to offer optimal access over all home appliances with a simple touch of iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

B) Fibaro:
A leading manufacturer in the home automation and security industries, Fibaro has been developing innovative solutions to secure and protect homes.

Retail Security:

A) EAS Solutions:
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is the most scalable and successful anti-shoplifting system available in the market. EAS system allows the tagged stock to be easily seen and accessed by customers, rather than putting them in locked glass cabinets or behind the counter.

B) Display Secure System:
Adtech is the India business partner of Invue Security Products, USA for Display Protection Systems and Display Fixture Systems to provide a live experience to customers, thereby increasing the sales potential.

C) Display Secure Fixtures:
By using Display secure fixtures, retailers can display merchandise openly and safely. The fixtures are designed to fit numerous slatwall applications. Products can be reconfigured using existing components to create custom slatwall solutions.

D) Commercial Tablet Security:
Their fully powered, instantly mobile and completely secure tablet solutions will transform a security challenge into a sales opportunity enabling transactions only when the customers are ready.

E) Cabinet and Drawer Locks:
They offer locks with self-locking design for drawers, swinging and sliding doors. These are easy to install and are enabled with lock status indicator.

F) Footfall Counting Systems:
They provide a broad based, comprehensive set of solutions for human traffic analysis in Retail stores.

Solar Energy:

A) Floating Solar:
India’s entry into the solar energy market is a fairly recent phenomenon but an important step to meet its massive energy needs. With every Indian village equipped with electricity now, the demand for energy is more than ever.

The Green energy revolution will prove to be a game changer for India by making it self-sufficient and a responsible emerging power. Adtech Systems aspires to put India on the World map of Solar energy with its range of ambitious Solar products.

Adtech has become a leader in this segment and is currently a consultant for floating solar solutions to multiple agencies – both private and government.

B) Roof-Top Solar:
Rooftop Solar is another area of interest for Adtech where it aspires to offer efficient rooftop solar solutions that can be easily installed and operated. Adtech is a leading EPC company in South India having implemented projects for prestigious companies such as Poovar Island Resort, KSEB, Birla Group, TVS Group etc.

adtech systems unlisted sharesData & Images Source: Company Website

Financial Performance and Outlook of Adtech Systems (FY2022-23)

Highlights of the Company’s performance for the year under review are as under

  • Revenue experienced a 23.02% decline, reaching Rs. 61.09 crore
  • Profit before taxes saw a significant surge, rising by 239.63% to Rs. 4.78 crore
  • The company’s Net Profit, or profit after taxes, demonstrated robust growth, increasing by 222.98% and reaching Rs. 3.59 crore

Adtech Systems has displayed outstanding performance in the previous year, surpassing the achievements of the year before. This success is attributed to the strategic decision to hive off the Solar Division through a new Joint Venture (JV). The move has proven to be instrumental in the company’s overall positive trajectory.

In January 2022, Adtech Systems launched the Hitek+ range of Antishoplifting Systems (EAS), which garnered strong acceptance within the retail verticals. This successful product introduction contributed to an impressive 40% growth for the retail vertical business compared to the preceding year. Both the EAS and Display Security product segments experienced substantial growth, highlighting the efficacy of these offerings.

Moreover, the Access Control product portfolio saw a modest increase in sales, adding to the overall success of Adtech Systems. Looking ahead, the company’s prospects for the current year are highly promising, fueled by the upward trajectory of the national economy. Positive trends are observed across Retail, Commercial, and Industrial verticals.

Adtech Systems has proactively expanded its product portfolio to address evolving customer demands. New additions include Tablet Business Solutions, Electronic Shelf Labels, and Smart Lock solutions. In a strategic move, the company has ventured into RFID technology for retail inventory management applications. Notably, a successful pilot program has already been conducted with one of Kerala’s largest fashion retailers. The RFID portfolio is poised for a promising future, marking another strategic advancement for Adtech Systems in the years to come.
(Excerpts from Adtech Systems Annual Report FY2022-23)

Financial Performance and Outlook of Adtech Systems (FY2021-22)

Highlights of the Company’s performance for the year under review are as under

  • Revenue increased 12.92 percent to Rs. 79.37 crore
  • Profit before taxes decreased by 47.72 percent to Rs. 1.99 crore
  • Profit after taxes (Net Profit) decreased by 41.42 percent to Rs. 1.61 crore

The after effect of the Pandemic, coupled with the economic slowdown did affect the financial result of Adtech Systems while there was a marginal increase in revenues compared to the previous year, the increased input costs, increase in transportation costs affected the net profits. The solar division was very much affected. Whereas the retail and Commercial / Industrial business showed a marginal increase in sales.

The recent announcement by the RBI to start Digital banking units across the country is also a right step towards Digital trans foundation. This will in turn help Adtech Systems sell more of InVue’s Tablet display solutions to various Banks. Adtech Systems already have banks such as Federal Bank, HDFC Bank using their Tablet stands for their DBU’s. Other new products like InVue Smart Lock series have also been deployed by coupled leading Jewellery chains.

Adtech System is working towards achieving a minimum growth rate of 15% during the financial year.
(Excerpts from annual report FY2021-22)

 Adtech Systems Financials

Financial in Crores unless specifically mentioned
Revenue from Operations61.0979.37
Other Income10.80
Total Income62.0980.18
Cost of Materials consumed:
Purchase of Stock in Trade41.9949.48
Other Direct Expenses1.363.84
Changes in Inventories of Finished Goods, Stock in Trade & Work in Progress-4.134.37
Employee Benefit Expenses6.615.97
Finance Costs1.751.98
Depreciation & Amortization Expenses1.021.25
Other Expenses8.5911.38
Total Expenses57.2278.30
Profit/Loss before Exceptional Items4.871.87
Exceptional Items-0.090.12
Profit/Loss before Tax4.781.99
Tax Expenses:
- Current Tax1.220.45
- Deferred Tax(-)0.03(-)0.06
Profit & Loss for the period3.591.61
EPS (In INR)3.021.35

 Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares Price Chart

*Rates mentioned in the chart are indicative.

 Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares Trend


Trend Identifier

Extremely Bullish
Extremely Bearish

The trend indicator above has been derived from the current demand/supply of Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares. The trend has a tendency to change anytime depending on the market conditions and other events. This indicator must not be construed as any recommendation to buy/sell/hold.

 Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares Valuation (Market Capitalisation)

Total Number of Outstanding Shares: 11,913,750 (As per Annual Report FY 2022-23)

Market Cap Scenarios:

At 35 Rs/Share, Adtech Systems Shares values the company at approx. Rs. 41.69 crores.

This are just pre-defined scenarios, since the market cap is variable to price, you can calculate the latest market cap based on the ongoing rates of Adtech Systems Shares.

At 40 Rs/Share, Adtech Systems Shares values the company at approx. Rs. 47.65 crores.

This are just pre-defined scenarios, since the market cap is variable to price, you can calculate the latest market cap based on the ongoing rates of Adtech Systems Shares.

At 45 Rs/Share, Adtech Systems Shares values the company at approx. Rs. 53.61 crores.

This are just pre-defined scenarios, since the market cap is variable to price, you can calculate the latest market cap based on the ongoing rates of Adtech Systems Shares.

 Adtech Systems Shareholding

Source: Annual Report FY 2022-23

 Adtech Systems Limited Peers

Below are the comparable peers with business models that are nearly identical to Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares. The peers mentioned have a similar line of business and may not be comparable on an apple-to-apple basis.
Name Listing Status
Waaree EnergiesUnlisted
Vikram SolarUnlisted

 Adtech Systems Limited Corporate Actions


Adtech Systems Dividend Declared:

  • FY 2022-23: Rs. 1 per share (10% on Face Value of Rs 10)
  • FY 2020-21: Rs. 0.5 per share (5% on Face Value of Rs 10)


No information found for Adtech Systems Bonus Issue


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No information found for Adtech Systems Buyback

 Adtech Systems Limited – Annual Reports

 Adtech Systems News

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Process of Buying Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares

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What is the minimum lot size for buying Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares?

The minimum lot size for investing in Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares is 500 Shares

What is the lock-in period for Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares?

There will be no lock-in period if the shares gets listed directly on NSE and/or BSE. Adtech Systems Shares are already listed on Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI)

Is buying Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares Legal?

Yes, buying Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares is completely legal

How to check price of Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares?

You can regularly check the updated price of Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares at our Website and on our Telegram Channel

Where to buy Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares?

At Unlisted Arena, you can buy Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares and many such Pre IPO Shares easily at most reasonable rates with a hassle-free process. Unlisted Arena is India’s leading dealer in Unlisted & Pre IPO Shares

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You can sell Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares:

Before Listing: You can sell Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares before listing on NSE/BSE too. You need to have a buyer for this shares. We can also help you to liquidate your holdings of unlisted shares.

After Listing: After the listing of shares, you can sell the shares on stock exchanges(NSE/BSE) just like any other listed shares.

How to transfer Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares?

There are two methods to transfer Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares
Method 1 – Offline Transfer

In this method, you must have a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) book which is provided by your broker. All the demat broking companies have its own DIS book. Along with DIS, there is an annexure which is to be submitted by the seller. Annexure too is provided by the demat broking company. After filing DIS and annexure, duly signed by the seller, they are to be handed over to your respective broker. Post that, your broker will process the request and transfer the shares as per details provided

Method 2 – Online Transfer

One can also transfer shares online through E-DIS/Off Market share transfer. The client must check with their respective brokers if they provide such facility. One can also transfer shares through CDSL easiest (for CDSL Demat) and NSDL Speed-E (For NSDL Demat) after registering into it.

Are Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares in demat form?

Yes, Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares are in demat form just like listed shares. You can buy and store them in your demat account. Like listed shares, Unlisted Shares also have their ISIN code so that you can verify the authenticity of shares.

Where will be Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares be reflected?

Once the process is complete, Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares will reflect in your demat account. The shares usually gets reflected in your Depository holdings (DP Holdings). You can check it in your stock brokers app/website. The shares are also shown on your DP transactions and holding statement.

You can also check your holdings in the following:

If you have CDSL Demat Account – CDSL Myeasi app

If you have NSDL Demat Account – NSDL Speed-E

Many investors do ask ‘How to buy Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares in Zerodha, Angel One, Upstox, etc?’
You can buy Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares in any demat account with any broking company

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When it comes to delivery of unlisted shares- Be assured as Unlisted Arena is the fastest in delivering shares. Once the process is completed, we usually deliver the shares on same day or the next working day. i.e T day or (T+1) working day.

What will be the tax applicability on Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares?

The tax rates will be the same as that on purchase and sale of listed shares.
That is, the long-term gains (shares sold after holding for more than one year) will be taxed at 10% after a threshold of ₹ 1 lakh per financial year.
Short-term gains (gains on selling shares in one year or less) will be taxed at 15%.

Where can I find Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares price graph?

You can check the historical price trend by checking Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares price graph here. Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares price chart will help you get an idea about price-action. You can also check the current trend of Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares here

How to check valuations of Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares?

For listed shares, there are numerous applications and website which shows the market capitalization of shares. But no need to worry, we have included market capitalization scenarios on our website which shows market cap/valuations of the company based on prevailing Unlisted Shares rates. In addition, we have also mentioned total number of shares so that you can easily calculate current market cap quickly without putting much efforts. Click here to see the valuations of Adtech Systems Unlisted shares
Quick tip: Market Cap= Total Outstanding shares x Price per share

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You can easily check latest developments, news related to Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares on our website without any sign up or login. Click here to know about latest news and happenings.

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Unlisted Arena is a prominent name which facilitates Unlisted Shares & Pre IPO Shares safely and securely. All the transactions are done through bank accounts where no third parties are involved. Unlisted Arena always quotes transparent rates and is also known for its fastest delivery of Unlisted Shares and Pre IPO Shares. Unlisted Arena gets featured regularly in India’s top most financial publications. You can check media coverage of Unlisted Arena here

Is Adtech Systems a Pre IPO, Unlisted or Delisted share?

Adtech Systems is already listed on Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI)

Can NRIs buy Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares?

Yes, NRIs can also buy and sell Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares just like domestic investors. But their investment is on a non-repatriable basis.

How is market price of Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares determined?

Like any listed shares, Unlisted Shares price is also determined by demand-supply of Unlisted Shares. Higher the demand, higher the price and vice-versa. The rates of Unlisted Shares are also derived from its performance, corporate actions such as declaration of results, bonus, dividend, etc. Another important aspect is share price/valuation of its listed peer. If the listed business is identical, unlisted companies share price/valuation will too be in similar fashion

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How to buy Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares in Zerodha/Angel broking/HDFC Securities/Upstox/ICICI Securities or any other demat account?

One can buy Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares in any demat account – no matter with which broker you have a demat account. There is no need for separate/special demat account for buying Unlisted Shares.

From where does Unlisted Arena source Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares?

Unlisted Arena sources Adtech Systems Unlisted Shares from existing investors looking to liquidate their investment

Will I get dividend, bonus on Unlisted Shares?

Yes, you are eligible to get dividend, bonus and/or any other corporate actions declared by the company. You need to hold the Unlisted Shares in your demat account on the record date declared by the company to be eligible for such corporate actions

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