Tata Technologies IPO Plans Revealed: Unlisted Shares Price Jumps above 6K on Bonus Announcement

tata technologies ipo

Tata Technologies proposes share split and bonus issue ahead of its much awaited IPO. Tata Motors backed Tata Technologies may be first IPO from Tata group after 18 years!

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All you need to know about Tata Technologies and its IPO Plans:

  • Tata Technologies is a global product engineering and digital services company
  • Tata Technologies is a subsidiary of Tata Motors. Tata Motors holds around 72.48% stake in Tata Technologies as per 2021-22 annual report
  • Tata Technologies may become the first Tata group company to bring an IPO after 18 years since TCS IPO
  • Tata Motors announced on December 12 that its board of directors had approved the IPO of its subsidiary Tata Technologies.
  • Tata Technologies proposed sub-division of shares as well as bonus issue ahead of its likely IPO

About Tata Technologies:

Tata Technologies is a global engineering and product development digital services company focused on fulfilling its mission of helping the world drive, fly, build and farm by enabling manufacturing clients across the automotive, industrial machinery and aerospace verticals realize better products and drive efficiencies in their businesses, leading to the development of products which are better for the end customer, environment and society at large.

Tata Technologies has a workforce of 8600 employees, worldwide, serving clients from facilities in North America, Europe and APAC. The company has 17 global delivery centers at Pune (Head Quarter), Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Thane, Chennai (India), SEA — Shanghai (China), Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore, Europe — Brasov, Craiova & Iasi (Romania), Gothenburg (Sweden), Warwick (UK), North America — Detroit (USA).

Tata Technologies – Industries:
1. Automotive
2. Aerospace & Defence
3. Industrial Heavy Machinery

Tata Technologies – Services:
1. Engineering
2. Research & Development (ER&D)
3. Product Lifecycle Management
4. Connected Enterprise IT

1. Dassault Systems
2. Autodesk
3. MSC Software
4. PTC Software
5. I Products
6. VCollab
7. Stratasys
8. Knowledge Solutions
9. Catia Macros

Electric Vehicles Revolution:
Tata Technologies is accelerating the speed of automotive technology innovations, with brand new electric, connected, autonomous, and shared mobility concepts. In FY22, Tata Technologies innovated end-to-end turnkey product development solutions as well as accelerators like Electric Vehicle Modular Platform TM (eVMPTM ) and Pulse NPI platform that is being leveraged by traditional OEMs as well as startups to launch competitive products faster.

Tata Technologies collaborated with the OEM to engineer new EVs in record time, leveraging their breakthrough turnkey product development technologies and eVMP platform.

tata technologies ipo
Source: Tata Technologies Annual Report 2021-22
Source: Tata Technologies Youtube Channel

Tata Technologies proposes Split & Bonus Issue

Ahead of its probable IPO, Tata Technologies have announced a proposal of Split & Bonus Issue. The details are as under:

Tata Technologies Face Value Split (Sub-division of Face Value):

Face Value Split proposed from Rs 10 to FV Rs 2.
Tata Technologies has proposed sub-division of the existing authorised share capital of the Company from equity shares of Face Value ₹ 10/- (Rupees Ten only) into equity shares of Face Value ₹2/- each

Tata Technologies Bonus Issue:

Ratio of Bonus Shares Issue: 1:1 (1 Bonus share for every 1 equity share held)
Record Date for Tata Technologies Bonus Shares: January 16, 2023 (Monday)

Tata Technologies has proposed to issue 202,834,265 equity shares of face value Rs. 2 each as bonus shares to the eligible shareholders of the company holding Equity Shares whose names appear in the Register of Members/ Beneficial Owners’ position of the Company on Monday, January 16, 2023 (“Record Date”), in the proportion of 1 (One) new Equity Share for every 1 (One) Equity Share of the Company held as on the Record Date

What does this mean?

The Face Value of Tata Technologies equity shares will be changed from Rs. 10 to Rs. 2. Hence, 1 equity share of Tata Technologies will be converted into 5 equity shares.
Bonus Issue in the ratio of 1:1 (One Bonus share for each share held).
After above corporate actions, 1 equity share (Face Value- Rs. 10) of Tata Technologies will be converted into 10 equity shares (Face Value- Rs2)
Below image will help you understand, Tata Technologies Corporate actions about split and bonus.

Tata Technologies
Tata Technologies Split and Bonus Issue Explanation

Tata Technologies Shares Sub-division and Bonus Shares Update:

Tata Technologies Shares have been sub-divided to Face Value ₹2 from ₹10. Tata Technologies shares with new face value ₹2 have been credited to the demat accounts of the eligible shareholders.

Tata Technologies Shares Details (Updated):

  • New ISIN code for Tata Technologies Shares: INE142M01025
  • Description: Tata Technologies Limited #New equity shares with face value ₹2/- after sub division
  • Short Name: Tata Technolog-EQ2/-

1 equity share of face value ₹10 has been converted into 5 equity shares of face value ₹2. Further, bonus issue in the ratio of 1:1 will be given to eligible shareholders. Tata Technologies bonus shares are expected to get credited in few days.

Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares Price crosses 6000 Rs. mark after split and bonus announcement

Pre IPO Shares of Tata Technologies are available in the unlisted market. Being a Tata group company (Bluechip company) and having attractive future prospects, Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares have always remained in flavour in the unlisted market and one of the top choices of the investors. Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares have crossed 6000 Rs mark after announcement of share split and bonus. Hence, Tata Technologies Split and Bonus announcement have made the investors bullish about the probable IPO which led to Tata Technologies unlisted shares making a new life time high.

Strong Demand in Unlisted Market for Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares

Tata Technologies is the only company from Tata group whose unlisted shares are available in the Pre IPO market. Below historical price chart will help you understand the demand and price movement over a period of time.

FAQ regarding Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares, IPO, Bonus Shares Issue

How to buy Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares?

Process of Buying Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares
-Get connected with us and inquire for the Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares
-We will quote the current prevailing market rates of the Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares (Subject to availability)
-If you agree on the rate and quantity, we will send our bank details. (Please note, we accept payment only through bank)
-Buyer transfers the fund in our bank account and buyer also need to send their demat details (for initiating share transfer process)
-Post receiving funds and demat details, we initiate transfer of Tata Technologies unlisted shares. The shares usually gets transferred on same/next working day in your demat account
-For detailed buying process, refer here

Will I get Tata Technologies Bonus Shares? How to become eligible for Tata Technologies Bonus Shares?

If you are a shareholder on the record date, i.e., January 16,2023 (Monday), you will become eligible to get Tata Technologies bonus shares. Hence, in order to be eligible to get Tata Technologies Bonus Shares, you need to hold Tata Technologies shares on the record date, i.e., January 16,2023 (Monday).

Can I buy Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares now to become eligible for bonus shares?

Yes, if you buy Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares and become shareholder before the passing of record date, i.e., January 16,2023 (Monday), you will become eligible to get Tata Technologies Bonus Shares. The requirement to be eligible is that one must be the shareholder as on the record date.

What is the current price of Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares? How to connect with UnlistedArena.com to buy Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares?

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